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September 24, 1945

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On the night of September 24, 1945, I slept very little. The reason was that I had not slept on a mattress in nearly four years on a bed with springs, and the old body just could not change over so suddenly. I seemed to bounce every time I turned over. Yes, it was great to have a good bed after sleeping on straw mats and using a pillow filled with rice husks for so many years. We had a very busy day there getting examined and filling out forms and questionnaires.

May 7, 1942

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The next morning finally came, and the day proved to be the longest I had ever known. Things were so mixed up that I had lost contact with my buddies, and most everyone that I saw that day were strangers. It was more like a nightmare, and I was wondering when I would awaken. I was not asleep, however, as there was little sleep to be had, for there seemed to be no place to lie down. About 11 p.m. on May 7, I found a place under a bunk on the deck that I could lie down, and no sooner was I down than I fell fast asleep.