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August 29, 1945

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On August 29 it was fairly quiet in camp as services were held at 2:00 p.m. for the twenty-seven men that were killed or had died from the shellings. No planes came over that day, but we received the following items from the gear that was dropped the previous day: 1/3 of a Hershey almond bar, 1/2 of a smaller hershey [sic] bar, 1 package of fags; 1 package of chicklets with 3 extra squares, and one stick of gum. Later I won 1/2 bar of soap in a drawing. Some shoes were in the gear, but our would-be-officers said that they would go to the first three pay grades, and the rest of us could go without until some more came in. Since I became a P.O.W. May 6, 1942, I never had a decent pair of shoes on my feet, let alone a new pair. We also had some good soup from the galley that day.

August 26, 1945

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On August 26 we had an issue of Nip and Limey clothes which consisted of the following: one summer shirt, one summer jacket, and one pair of summer pants. All of these were Jap type of clothes. Then we got one pair of rubber shoes of the Limey type and one package of hair tobacco. Then at 3:00 p.m. we were given an issue of one pair of Nip socks, one bar of soap, one pencil, one package of tooth powder, one tooth brush, some Benjo (toilet) paper and thirty-six fags were [sic] man.

On the second day in this camp we were given the following issue of clothes that lasted us the three years that we were in Japan and working: one great coat, two Jap uniforms consisting of jacket and trousers; two shirts; a gee string; two pairs of under pants; a blue work suit; a cap, and a pair of Jap shoes. One size of clothing was issued every person, so many of the items didn’t fit. We were also issued three bowls like the ones mentioned when we were in Formosa.