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July 13, 1945

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On July 13 we were again working on air raid shelters, and by then we had quite a hole dug. We were to “shore” it up the next day. We didn’t get to see Joe closely, but could see the cage from where we worked. It was really rough on him as it wasn’t tall enough for him to stand in, nor long enough for him to lie down. Also, he got very little water and had no toilet facilities. I just wished I could have helped him in some way. There were more air raids that day but nothing dropped close to us.


July 12, 1945

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Our work detail changed some after we completed the water detail on July 12. The Jap guards called on us to unload a wagon load of rice that had come in for the Jap guards who were over us in this camp. We were to put it in a storeroom. A black man called Joe was on the same detail in camp with me. He was about six feet two inches tall and had a physique about like Joe Louis. I was accustomed to the balck [sic] men in the United States, so Joe’s British accent was very noticeable to me. The sacks that we were unloading were in sixty kilo bags and that was al ot [sic] of weight for me to pick up and carry, as the bags weighed more that [sic] I did. Joe handled them with ease, so he brought the sacks to me, and I was stacking them in the store room. As he handed it to me, I let it slip, and Joe jumped to catch it. In his fast movement, he accidentally hit a Jap guard that was standing in the doorway. The Jap hit him with the butt of his rifle and accused him of hitting him on purpose. Joe grabbed the rifle from the Jap, and by this time three more Japs came up and had Joe penned against the store room with their bayonets. They really worked him over, and then they took him off to the cage, which was a small room that was about five and one-half foot tall, and three feet by four feet wide. The Japs would not let anyone see him ,for he had committed the unpardonable sin when the Japs said he hit a guard. This caused quite a stir when the other work parties came in that afternoon from their duties. This was the first time anyone had been put in the cage since we arrived in this camp.