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Then on September 2, the big planes came over again and dropped plenty of chow. Still about forty per cent was wasted, and one Marine Corporal was badly hurt when a box of chow broke four of his ribs. The remaining sick men were moved to Omura and we had another issue of gum, cigarettes, candy and toilet gear. We seemed to be getting only the damaged stuff, but so what! The Japs were still issuing us our items.

August 30, 1945

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More planes came over at 9:30 a.m. on August 30 and dropped more food, but about forty per cent was lost or damaged due to the chutes not opening. I spent the day in the hills, hunting for and carrying out the chow. I got plenty to eat out of the food stuff that burst in the drop. I was so full that I was uncomfortable. We had a very good soup and were issued gum, candy, cigarettes, matches, and 1/2 of a K ration dinner. Then at 6:00 p.m. we had fruit cocktail, and were “putting on the dog” as well as pounds. I had already gained fifteen pounds, and at that rate knew I should be in pretty fair shape by the time our troops arrived.

August 29, 1945

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On August 29 it was fairly quiet in camp as services were held at 2:00 p.m. for the twenty-seven men that were killed or had died from the shellings. No planes came over that day, but we received the following items from the gear that was dropped the previous day: 1/3 of a Hershey almond bar, 1/2 of a smaller hershey [sic] bar, 1 package of fags; 1 package of chicklets with 3 extra squares, and one stick of gum. Later I won 1/2 bar of soap in a drawing. Some shoes were in the gear, but our would-be-officers said that they would go to the first three pay grades, and the rest of us could go without until some more came in. Since I became a P.O.W. May 6, 1942, I never had a decent pair of shoes on my feet, let alone a new pair. We also had some good soup from the galley that day.