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September 3, 1945

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We still didn’t have any word as to when we were to move, and we were getting very restless. It was September 3, and we wanted to be on the move. I did trade for four chickens, one rabbit and some Irish spuds which were good eating. The chow the Japs gave out was still rice and soup, but we did get a soup bowl ration of some type of fruit that had come in on the “drop” every night after roll call.

August 30, 1945

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More planes came over at 9:30 a.m. on August 30 and dropped more food, but about forty per cent was lost or damaged due to the chutes not opening. I spent the day in the hills, hunting for and carrying out the chow. I got plenty to eat out of the food stuff that burst in the drop. I was so full that I was uncomfortable. We had a very good soup and were issued gum, candy, cigarettes, matches, and 1/2 of a K ration dinner. Then at 6:00 p.m. we had fruit cocktail, and were “putting on the dog” as well as pounds. I had already gained fifteen pounds, and at that rate knew I should be in pretty fair shape by the time our troops arrived.