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September 18, 1945

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I was very disappointed when I didn’t get to fly back to the States, but on September 18 the ships had their sailing orders and there were fifteen in the convoy. There were 750 ex-prisoners on the ship I was on. If I could have flown to Guam it would have taken only five hours; by ship it took five days. The only thing I liked about the ship on the trip was that we were on our way home at last, and the chow was good, and we could have all we wanted.

September 12, 1945

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There was another food drop on September 12. We were sure glad to get it, as once you get the taste of good chow, you just don’t have any appetite for soup and rice.

September 6, 1945

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On September 6 we put out the last of the chow that was dropped by the planes. There was still no news as to when we were to leave and lots of fellows, including myself, thought about heading over the hill for Tokyo.

September 5, 1945

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The next day arrived and still nothing new happened. We had the same chow, except the Japs issued each man one small apple. We were sure getting tired of lying around.

September 4, 1945

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On September 4, we were told that we were to leave on the sixth, but we had no way of knowing if it was the truth. I wanted so bad to get out of those hills and to see some of our troops and to eat some good chow.

September 3, 1945

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We still didn’t have any word as to when we were to move, and we were getting very restless. It was September 3, and we wanted to be on the move. I did trade for four chickens, one rabbit and some Irish spuds which were good eating. The chow the Japs gave out was still rice and soup, but we did get a soup bowl ration of some type of fruit that had come in on the “drop” every night after roll call.

Then on September 2, the big planes came over again and dropped plenty of chow. Still about forty per cent was wasted, and one Marine Corporal was badly hurt when a box of chow broke four of his ribs. The remaining sick men were moved to Omura and we had another issue of gum, cigarettes, candy and toilet gear. We seemed to be getting only the damaged stuff, but so what! The Japs were still issuing us our items.

September 1, 1945

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Several small planes flew over on September 1, but they didn’t drop anything, and we were glad, as it was very dangerous when the chow came down. All of the men were in the highest of spirits and anxious to get under way and to be under our troop leaders and Old Glory.

August 31, 1945

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At 9:45 a.m. on August 31, we had another trip from the Air Technical Command boys, and they dropped more food and clothes. I got fitted out with a completely new suit of clothes from head to foot, and I was filling out with chow. There was still a lot of waste because the chutes failed to open, and some of the chow came right through the roof of the building. I thought, Boy, wouldn’t it be tough to be bumped off by a case of chow this late in the game!

August 30, 1945

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More planes came over at 9:30 a.m. on August 30 and dropped more food, but about forty per cent was lost or damaged due to the chutes not opening. I spent the day in the hills, hunting for and carrying out the chow. I got plenty to eat out of the food stuff that burst in the drop. I was so full that I was uncomfortable. We had a very good soup and were issued gum, candy, cigarettes, matches, and 1/2 of a K ration dinner. Then at 6:00 p.m. we had fruit cocktail, and were “putting on the dog” as well as pounds. I had already gained fifteen pounds, and at that rate knew I should be in pretty fair shape by the time our troops arrived.