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August 22, 1945

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Our routine was much the same on August 22, but the Japs had no authority over us. The Army guards all left, but there were some Jap cops protecting us against the Jap civilians. We also had an issue of twenty fags. Nothing new or exciting happened the next day, and se [sic] still had rice, beans and soup. The rice was scarce, but we had plenty of soy beans.

Then on August 19, 1945, the Japanese turned over the command of the camp to our allied officers. We had roll call instead of tinko, and later in the day our camp was turned over to Captain Grady of the U.S. Army. Roll call was conducted by grouping the men in the different branches of service; Marines in one group; Navy in one and the Army in another. The British and the Dutch were lined up the same way, and the civilians were to themselves. I did spend one hour that day building fence around our compound.

June 15, 1942

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On June 15, the Japs divided the camp members. All of the Army were to remain on the side where I was now billeted; the Marines and Sailors were to move on the west side of a small draw in the camp. I moved to the  west side and stayed in that area until later we were moved again.

The Japs had put up a barbed wire fence around the camp, and they had guards stationed about every fifty yards apart along this fence. Our orders were to stay ten feet from the fence, and any one caught closer to the fence would be shot. The Japs were making believers of us by this time.