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September 23, 1945

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At 3:30 pm on September 23, 1945, we arrived at Guam. At 4:30 we came ashore and were moved directly to the hospital. I was assigned a bunk and told to go to the galley to get whatever they had to eat.

Representatives of the American Red Cross met us after we were in the ward and gave us magazines, and candy, and opened up an ice box (refrigerator) for all hands twenty-four hours a day. They told us if any item “ran out”, to notify them, and they would replace it immediately. Yipee! We are [sic] all being treated like kings, and I wasn’t mad at anybody.

I was the first man in our camp to get a letter from home. It was two years reaching me, but as old as it was, it really perked me up. The American Red Cross was doing what they could to get mail and news to us.

The British and African Red Cross were on the job too. Our first Red Cross parcel came from the British and the second was from the African Red Cross. This second parcel was one hundred per cent dried fruit. Every man in camp received a canteen cup packed full for his ration. We had not had any fruit of any kind for so long, and we were so hungry for it, that most men sat down and ate all of it immediately. This was where we made a big mistake. After eating so much, we all became so thirsty so  [sic] began drinking lots of water–and then the swelling started. It took most of us five or six hours before the swelling began going down and we could relax. It was a good miserable feeling, however.