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July 13, 1945

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On July 13 we were again working on air raid shelters, and by then we had quite a hole dug. We were to “shore” it up the next day. We didn’t get to see Joe closely, but could see the cage from where we worked. It was really rough on him as it wasn’t tall enough for him to stand in, nor long enough for him to lie down. Also, he got very little water and had no toilet facilities. I just wished I could have helped him in some way. There were more air raids that day but nothing dropped close to us.

April 16, 1945

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Each day the air raids became more frequent and hit closer to our camp. On April 16 a huge raid flew over our camp, the planes flying so low that we could hear the bomb bay doors open. The raid started about ten p.m. and lasted for two and one-half hours. I saw six American planes shot down, and one of the six had a direct hit in the bomb bay. I know there were no survivors, as this plane just disintegrated in mid-air. This night was like a nightmare and the planes were more like phantoms. The whole of Tokyo and Yokohama were nothing but flames. Those of us who were watching could see a reflection of the fire on the fuselage of the planes as they approached from the south. It was a real eerie feeling not knowing but what the next plane over might drop bombs on us. We were all scared, but not really afraid, as we all knew that if this was what it took to win the war, we were all for it, and the sooner the war was over, the sooner we would be rescued and returned to the States. As many bombings as we went through, we were fortunate not to have one death in camp from them. The pilots surely must have known exactly where in the area our camp was located.

February, 1945

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In February there were only twenty-five raids. Between working at the shipyard and our time in camp, it kept us on the move.

January, 1945

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The number of air raids began to fall off in January, as I counted only thirty-two for that month.

December, 1944

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We men in camp knew that the war was getting hotter and closer as scarcely a day went by but what we had air raids, and many times we could just look up and see our planes over head. I counted sixty-seven air raids in December, 1944, and most of the raids were hitting Tokyo.

There were no air raid shelters in our camp, nor were there any for us prisoners in the shipyard. If we were in camp when an air raid sounded, we were run outside the compound with guards flankingg [sic] us about every twenty men. We took with us one blanket to put over our heads for protection. We were put in a ditch, and our orders were to keep our heads covered and not look at the action that was taking place. I knew that the bombs that were being dropped would kill me the same as it would the Japs, but we would holler, “Give them Hell, Yanks.” The Japs would hit us with the butts of their rifles, but our morale went up with each raid that we saw.

November 2, 1944

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Activity began to pick up in November of 1944, as it was on the second of November that the first American planes came over our camp and they were headed for Tokyo. On Nov. 24 I saw our first B 29’s, and never before had I seen such large bombers. The Japanese would yes, “B midge ko, Oke de naw” which meant B-29, the big one. There were ten in this flight, and they were headed for Tokyo. In November ’44, we had at least thirteen air raids that I know of.