Notable WWII Blogs

In developing this blog to honor my Uncle Pierce and his story, I’ve met others who are keeping WWII alive in memory through similar and related efforts. These are a few that I find especially notable. If you know of others, please contact me so I can include them.

  • While you’re following Pierce’s POW journey, subscribe to Wayne’s Journal to simultaneously explore the life of a WWII B-25 airman in the South Pacific. Published in blog format similar to this site, Wayne’s Journal is a unique and well-executed glimpse into the journalist’s daily life during the war.
  • In the attic, she found a suitcase filled with letters. Love letters, from her father to her mother, written while he was deployed during WWII. Now NotSoFancyNancy is publishing those letters, with commentary, in her blog.
  • Defenders of the Philippines collects together a wide range of online resources related to WWII efforts in the Philippines–photo archives, family memorial sites, news items, and more. Terrific research tool!
  • Unforgettable: The Biography of Capt. Thomas J. Flynn. Get the inside story of a Nazi POW camp, from the perspective of an imprisoned US officer. Site also contains links to additional resources and information.
  • More! I know they are out there, and I’ve perused many of them… and then clicked away before thinking to link to the resource. Please share your favorite WWII sites!
  1. Lisa Hogan says:

    Hello Heather! What a great website. I’m so glad I found it. It’s so nice of you to do this for your uncle. I, too, try to get my family’s story out there. My father fought in Europe and my two uncles (his brothers) fought in the Pacific. What a terrible ordeal they went through. It’s so important that people don’t forget.

    I do have websites to share, but they are from the European Theatre. Is that okay or do you only want Pacific website?


  2. Anne says:

    What a wonderful job you have done! As the daughter of a WWII veteran who served as a chaplain in the ETO, I know how important it is that we honor those men. So many did not come back, and reading stories like yours helps their families to have some idea what their loved ones went through. Thank you for sharing. I am in the process of creating a blog related to my father’s service, and yours is a wonderful example of how it can be done.

  3. a gray says:

    You might be interested in my blog “Wayne’s Journal” at

  4. lifeboatadam says:

    Hi – you may be interested in my blog following my grandfathers time as a navigator in mosquito Night Fighters

  5. pmarabate says:

    For those who are interested in World War 2 I wanted to post my Dad’s website, He has also wrote a small book which there is a link for on his home page. He is still living and is 91 years old, still very sharp, He was a navigator on the B17, completed 34 missions and was shot down on his 35th mission and became a POW….

  6. I have created a blog detailing piecing together thevrecords of my late dad, Zygmunt Frackiewicz, a Polish POW. Some say it is a good read

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