July 8, 1945

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July 8 was a different kind of day than just going to work so far as I was concerned. This was the day that the Japs decided to have an air raid shelter detail go to work in the Camp. They picked four men from each of the work details to build and dig air raid shelters in the camp compound. I was one of the men who werepicked [sic] from the saw mill detail. We were given a pick and shovel to dog [sic] in an area the Japs had already measured off. It was to be six feet wide, five feet deep and eighty feet long. Up until this time, there was no protection of any kind for us against bombs and shrapnel. We were not a privileged group, but the Japs stood over us at all times. We did not have running water in the camp, so every day at eleven o’clock we went across the causeway to carry water about a quarter of a mile. The guards went with us, so there was no possible way for us to get any extra food anywhere.

  1. It is so strange reading these words written on a particular day in history, when we know what the next months hold and they do not.

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