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We did not know where we were going, but at 2 A.M. on May 14, we were unloaded in a place called Kamaishi, and were marched to our new camp called Sendai No. 1 (This is the place we were picked up after the war.)

When we arrived in camp those already there were mostly Dutch and Canadians. There was one blac kman [sic] from South America there too, and all had been fighting with the Dutch and the Javanese. Although we did not know any of these men, we soon got to know one another real well.

They could not believe the reason that we were there was that we were bombed out in Yokohama. They told us that [sic] had not had as much as an air raid alert. This was hard for us to believe, also.

A new camp and a new job! We went to work for the Sumatori Steel Co. This work was entirely different from the shipyard work. We had three different jobs here; some of the men were put to work in mines; others worked in the steel mill, and the detail I was in worked in the saw mill. The work here was much heavier that [sic] what I had been doing previously, but it was outside work.


May 12, 1945

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On May 12, 1945, we were marched out of camp again as though we were going back to the shipyard. Instead of going there, however, we went to the railroad station, a place we passed each day, but this time we went aboard a train.