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On March 10, 1945, we were just getting to the shipyard for work when the sirens began to blow and they headed us toward what was supposed to be a shelter, but was only an open ditch. Never in my life had I seen as many planes as were in this raid. They were headed right for the shipyard, and it looked like we were going to be blasted off the face of this earth. The planes just kept coming. They seemed to use Fujiyama as a landmark for the take-off point for bombing. Every man in camp, including the guards who were in command, thought, “Man, this is it!” There was lots of anti-aircraft firing as our planes began to get closer. Aluminum foil was being dumped from the planes, and later I found out that this was done to foul up the Japanese radar and height finders. Just as we thought the end had come, they kicked left rudder and headed for Tokyo. I have no way of knowing how many planes were in this flight, but there were planes as far as the eye could see to the north and to the southwest. There were planes of all sizes, and it was not long after the first planes were past us that we could hear the heavy bombing that was taking place over Tokyo and fires started to burn. It was not long until the whole of Tokyo was ablaze.