December, 1944

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We men in camp knew that the war was getting hotter and closer as scarcely a day went by but what we had air raids, and many times we could just look up and see our planes over head. I counted sixty-seven air raids in December, 1944, and most of the raids were hitting Tokyo.

There were no air raid shelters in our camp, nor were there any for us prisoners in the shipyard. If we were in camp when an air raid sounded, we were run outside the compound with guards flankingg [sic] us about every twenty men. We took with us one blanket to put over our heads for protection. We were put in a ditch, and our orders were to keep our heads covered and not look at the action that was taking place. I knew that the bombs that were being dropped would kill me the same as it would the Japs, but we would holler, “Give them Hell, Yanks.” The Japs would hit us with the butts of their rifles, but our morale went up with each raid that we saw.

  1. a gray says:

    There must have been a tremendous feeling among the prisoners of joy and excitement when the American planes appeared overhead.

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