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September 9, 1943

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After the Japs cooked their food, they threw away the roots from the onions. We dug them up and ate them. We found old bones and if they were too hard to chew, we would take slivers of tin or a hack saw blade and saw through the bone and eat the marrow scrapings or the dust from the bones.

After three months in this camp, we quit getting grain at noon, and they gave each of us half a loaf of bread which was about one-fourth the size of a loaf of bread here in the states. There were many deaths in camp due to starvation and exposure. Here again we had no heat in this camp.

Still our biggest concern was the lack of food. What food we got here was horrible. I found better food in the swill boxes in the shipyard than they gave us. Still we went through the motion of eating three times a day. The total amount of food we received in one day’s time was the equivalent of three barley or rice balls the size of a tennis ball, and the soup was flavored with egg plant. The condition that it came to us in was the worst part. There were two days that I just could not eat what they brought, and there were several other men justlike [sic] me. The food was rotten. In one ration, I counted fifteen rat droppings. After two days of not eating, I decided if I was going to survive, I would have to eat it. So by separating the rat droppings from the grain, I then ate the grain. We just called the bugs and worms that were in the grain extra protein, but the rat droppings I could not eat.