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Chapter 6

It was on August 2, 1943, that I was moved again. This time I went to Sinagow, an [three unreadable letters]lation [may say “isolation”] camp just outside of Tokyo. I was found to have amebic dysentery along with forty other Prisoners [sic] from my camp, and prisoners from other camps were brought there also, making a total number of at least 150. Miserable days lay ahead, as I stayed in this camp until Jan 12, 1944. The day that we went into this camp, we automatically went on one-third rations as this was the way the Japs treated sick men. In this camp I never had the chance to do any swapping, nor was I able to hit any garbage boxes for something extra to eat. I began to lose weight and was losing my strength real fast.

Time surely went by slowly for there was no work to do and there was nothing in this camp that one could read. The Camp Commandant was just like the one we had just left. He liked to slap us around, and his favorite punishment was to make us do heavy calisthenics. There was the whoo saw exercise [sic] that was quite strenuous, and it took our strength real fast. Then he would make us follow up with push-ups, and we would continue to do these until we were not able to do another one. As soon as we stopped, the guard came over and slapped us around. One time we were doing these push-ups, and I was completely exhausted- so much so, that I felt I could not do one more if my life depended on it. The Nip thought that I should more [sic] and hit me with a hay-maker right to the jaw, and then he came back with a back hand that caught me off balance. I fell into the Nip, and he said I struck him, so he took off his wooden thongs that he was wearing and he really worked me over. My face and eyes showed it for a week or ten days, and I still carry a scalp scar.