May 29, 1942

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They [the barracks] were about sixty feet long and twenty feet wide. They were built of bamboo and had a thatched roof of rice straw. Each man was allotted a living space six feet long by two and one-half feet wide, with no floor coverings. Each deck was covered with bamboo slats for us to sleep on; otherwise, we would have been sleeping in a wallow. There was no water in camp; each day a water party would go down to the river that was about half a mile from camp. We were allowed one canteen of water each day for drinking and washing with. I never thought I would see the day that I could drink, wash myself in one canteen of water and still have a sip to drink during the night.

Our food consisted of what we called lugi rice- a watery rice mixture. Our soup was still that of onion and leeks; just enough to give the water an onion flavor. This we were fed twice a day. Camp life became routine, and the morale of everyone was quite low. Each new day we hoped that it wouldn’t be long until the Yanks and tanks would be there to set us free, but each day the Japs bragged about how they were winning the war.

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