May 27, 1942

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On May 27, 1942, we were marched out of Bilibid, own [sic] to the railroad track, and there we were put into box cars as if we were cattle. The railroad cars were about one-third the size of the box cars here in the U.S. One hundred of us were forced into one car, and then Jap guards were put on top of the cars. We started our trip by rail which took us to Cabanatuan. We stopped many times on this trip, but we were not allowed to get out of the box car, and we had to stand all the way as there was not room to even sit or lie down.

We arrived in Cabanatuan just before the sun went down. They moved us to a small park that was in the center of this small town. Still there was no food for the masses, but a kind old Phillippino woman did give five of us a bucket of mangos and some bananas which we divided and ate.


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